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Home Health Aide is a rewarding, secure career. The are a lot of benefits to go through the health aide training. It provides a secure job in an always demanding nursing field. There will be a state recognized certification granted after the completion of the training which is extremely useful when interviewing for a job. The training also provides networking opportunities as you will meet the highly qualified professionals within the field who can instruct you with proper knowledge, real practical experiences and most importantly, they are great references to have. It helps to build up your own self-esteem and confidence as well.

During the health aide training, students will learn to take care of the clients in home as well as in the hospitals and long term facilities. Every state has different rules when it comes to the requirements of home health aide training but in general, they are all fairly similar. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old and the student is required to pass the assessment exam before being admitted to the training classes. The exam includes English competencies in reading, speaking and writing. A background check will also be performed to make sure the student is not involved with any criminal activities or have any bad criminal records. A photo ID as well as an original social security card must be presented when enrolling for such courses. A proof would be needed to show the student is eligible to work in the United States. There will also be a medical check on the student to make sure the student is in a healthy condition, this would typically involve a copy of negative Chest X-Ray or TB scan within the past year. A deposit is normally required to hold your placement and full payment will be required before the class begins.

Upon completion of the training, students are eligible to apply for the state exam to become a certified home health aide and certified nurse assistant. Once the exam has been passed, the student will be able to work in the nursing industry.